Summer Posting Schedule

I’ve decided to cut back on my posting a bit during the summer.

There are lots of good reasons for this, including spending more time with my daughter. What’s really driven me to do it, though, is the fact that we’ll be taking two weeks during June for vacations. I’ll be out of Internet contact for those two weeks, and am facing the prospect of writing enough posts ahead to cover the time.

When you start to think about writing that many posts ahead of time, you start to realize that most of what you write won’t be good quality. It’ll be filler, because you’re forcing yourself to write a lot of posts in a short time frame, rather than wait for the post ideas to arise naturally over the course of doing business online.

So by cutting back on my posting, I hope to keep the quality of the posts up even during the time when I’m not online. Rather than having five posts a week, one every weekday, during the summer I’ll post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I hope everyone out there has some fun plans for the summer, and takes the time to enjoy them!

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  1. I guess my real problem is that I’m writing for too many sites! I have managed to schedule enough posts for all the sites to cover next week’s vacation, but only just.

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