Squidoo Lens of the Day Effect

I’ve written about Squidoo in other posts, so it should be no surprise that I have a growing list of pages (lenses) I’ve created on Squidoo.

What was a surprise was the first lens I’d done, about the benefits of roleplaying with kids, being chosen as the lens of the day. The lens of the day is featured in an email sent out to around 10,000 subscribers, and is also featured in the Hot Stuff menu on Squidoo’s home page.

Needless to say, the lens of the day gets a traffic spike.

My kids roleplaying lens was getting a handful of visitors each day. The day that the lens of the day email went out, it received over two hundred visitors. Those visitors also stuck around long enough to look at some of my other lenses, so there was some spillover traffic. A couple even found their way here, which required clicking through a couple of Squidoo pages before getting to the link here.

Okay, the Digg effect this isn’t. But extra traffic is extra traffic, and the boost in lensrank might get your lens into the top 100, which will generate more traffic.

I’m still analyzing all of this, and will put together a post looking at the results of the lens of the day traffic spike, and what I should have done before having a lens picked as lens of the day to take better advantage of the traffic. I want to see how the traffic tapers off in the next day or two, so I should have the complete analysis later this week.

Note that you can’t really know if a lens if going to be picked as lens of the day. The first I heard about it was when I received the lens of the day email along with everyone else. But by positioning your lenses properly to start with, you can be prepared to take advantage if it happens.

I don’t want to leave you empty handed today, though, so I want to give you an ebook that gives a good introduction to Squidoo and describes some of the advantages of using it. Despite the name, there are no real secrets revealed here. The ebook does provide the opportunity to get free access to an interesting audio interview with the author.

Click the cover up above to download the free book, or click here.

To get started making Squidoo pages, sign up here. If you get over to Squidoo and want any advice, feel free to contact me. While I won’t claim to be an expert, having a lens picked as lens of the day means I’m doing something right.

Have fun!

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