Squidoo Case Study

One of the reasons I love Squidoo is the ease with which you can put together a nice landing page. The modules they have allow you to add Amazon links, pull from RSS feeds, and many other cool features.

I’ve been using Squidoo to test out the use of landing pages linking directly to affiliate pages. This was mostly a test of how well Squidoo ranked in search engine results, but also a test of how well that traffic converted. While Squidoo pages are currently not ranking well in Google, I have hopes that this will change as Squidoo clamps down on the amount of spam lenses. Even without Squidoo pages ranking well naturally in Google, you can use Squidoo to easily create a landing page as a target for article marketing.

I want to highlight one of the lenses I wrote as a test, about how to watch satellite TV on your PC. I did no link building to this page other than joining various Squidoo groups to gain some PR.

Over the last 30 days, the lens received 90 visitors from search engine traffic. 16 of those clicked through to the affiliate link, for a click through rate of 17%. I’m amazed at the click through rate, considering that my review of the product is, like all my reviews, honest. Perhaps that was a factor, since the other Squidoo lenses on the topic read like sales pages.

Of those 16 that clicked through, 1 purchased the product, for a conversion rate of 6.25% (or 1% of the total traffic).

While the amount of traffic wasn’t amazing, the click through rate was very good. Perhaps with a better product that had a better converting sales page, the purchase rate from those clicks would have been higher.

Considering that I put the lens together with only a little effort, and did almost no link building on it, this is still a pretty good return on my investment. This particular product probably won’t stand the test of time, but as long as it lasts the Squidoo lens will be there, requiring no maintenance.

Given some effort put into finding products that are worth a positive review, and some link building and article marketing driving traffic to the lens, using Squidoo as a landing page platform could be quite profitable.

Have you had any success with Squidoo pages?

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  1. I just created my squidoo account and reserved a few key football related page names. I am going to play around with building the pages just to get the hang of using squidoo.

    So you get your full affiliate ccommission when you link through squidoo? What about your Amazon Affiliate commission?

  2. Any affiliate links you put in yourself, you get full credit for. Anything that Squidoo puts in for you, such as the Amazon and Ebay module links, there’s a split with Squidoo. I think the split is 50/50.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your lenses!

  3. Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚ Squidoo is still a very valuable tool. With the changes that have happened recently, it is now more important than ever to learn how to create quality lenses that will not only do well seo-wise with the search engines, but gain maximum exposure within the Squidoo site.

    For article marketing, Squidoo is a dream come true for exactly what you’re using it for – landing pages.

    great post and nice site ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad I found it.

  4. Welcome to the blog!

    [quote post=”274″]For article marketing, Squidoo is a dream come true for exactly what youโ€™re using it for – landing pages.[/quote]

    Yes, I’d much rather use Squidoo than try to make anything that looks half as nice in straight HTML!

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