Squidoo and Yuwie Earnings Update

It’s that time of the month when both Squidoo and Yuwie show the earnings for December.

Earnings at Yuwie were $3.77 down from $4.36 the in November. The main reason for the decline is that my own personal usage of Yuwie plummeted during December. I had a four week break between semesters, and spent very little of it on the computer. The computer time I did get was spent writing posts for this blog. The amount earned per 1,000 page views also dropped 3 cents, which contributed to the overall drop.

Earnings at Squidoo were $13.43, up from $8.93 in the previous period. My two highest rated lenses earned $6.23 each, and the rest of the amount is from the remaining lenses. The amount earned per lens has increased steadily for months, nearly doubling for the highest rated lenses. And this with my lens maintenance being at about the same level as my Yuwie activity, so all my lenses dropped in the rankings considerably.

It’s interesting to compare the two sites.

Squidoo is a way to write web pages that are then monetized in various ways, and you share in the earnings. Yuwie is a social networking site that shares ad revenue with you.

Squidoo can clearly outperform Yuwie in terms of earnings. Each of my two highest rated lenses at Squidoo earned more than I did in the entire month at Yuwie. And Yuwie earnings depend on getting referrals, while Squidoo earnings depend only on your ability to write quality lenses.

The other site of that argument is that literally anyone can generate page views at Yuwie. After all, it’s just web surfing and socializing. If you can point and click, you can earn something at Yuwie. Squidoo, on the other hand, requires you to write quality content. Junk gets rated low, and makes nothing. Out of nearly 30 lenses I’ve written, only two earn more than a few cents each month.

Both are opportunities to make money online free. Which is right for you?

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  1. [quote comment=””]Good luck! Squidoo is something of a hit or miss affair, it’s hard to tell what will be popular enough to get good lens rank.[/quote]

    In about 3 months I’ve made about $6 from Squidoo… but I have used some affiliate links on my Squidoo lens – which have earned me around $80 – which isn’t too bad 🙂

    Have yet to try Yuwie..

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