Smoking Hot List Review

Rick Katz of the Big Dog Heavy Hitters report has created another free report, called Smoking Hot List.

The Smoking Hot List report talks about the importance of capturing your visitor’s contact information, rather than simply directing them to a program’s affiliate page. Who buys into a program on their first visit? You’ll have questions you want answered, you may go to some other review sites, etc. If you just send traffic to a program’s sign up page, then you’ve lost any opportunity to be the person who answers their questions and helps them succeed. The commission will go to whoever does those things.

So the report recommends capturing their information into an autoresponder list, and following up with them via email. Don’t even say what program you’re promoting on the sign up page, just say what it can do for them. That way you have a lot more time to follow up with them and figure out what is keeping them from succeeding.

There’s a lot more in the report, and true to form, you have to opt in to a list to get the report.

On the back end, Rick offers the use of the Smoking Host List report to build your own list. You join Rick’s co-op club, and get access to not only the Smoking Hot List report, but can also participate in the co-op itself (if you remember my review of the co-op, it’s the only program I’ve seen online that actually lives up to what it says it’ll do, namely put you into profit quickly). And for everyone who joins the co-op through your Smoking Hot List page, you get a direct commission.

So you’re building a list and getting paid to do it.

This program is ideal if you don’t have a website and want to build a list, or have had trouble building lists before. Rick’s co-op club has worked out very well, so I don’t doubt that the Smoking Hot List pages will work out well, too.

Click here for the full Smoking Hot List report.

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