Smart Business Formula Launches

This is a busy day!

Smart Business Formula has officially launched, about an hour ago. Click the link to see the sales page for the site.

The site sounds a lot like Online Opportunity, in that they’ll buy products and review them for members, so you don’t have to spend the money yourself. Except that by charging a membership fee, they’re able to afford the products more easily than I can!

They also provide a ton of instructional videos, and both short term and long term guides to making money online.

It’s pretty clear that Thomas and Winston are not going to just sit back and let you digest the videos and training material on your own. They also offer website critiques, where they dissect your sales website and give you feedback on what you should be doing differently. These are posted for all the members to learn from, at the rate of one per month.

You also get a free autoresponder with your membership. With most autoresponder services charging a monthly fee, getting this for a one-time payment is very nice.

There’s a members’ only forum, too, so you can get advice from other members.

All in all, what you get is a great value for the one-time payment of $19.95. This is an introductory price, though, designed to get a large influx of members quickly. Any membership site like this needs a critical mass of members to become self-sustaining, so their gimmick for getting that membership early is the introductory price.

That price expires at 9:00am, November 30th. It looks like it’ll go up to a one-time price of $37 after that, which will still be a good deal.

Click here for the full list of what you get with Smart Business Formula.

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