Site Updates

A few more site updates to note.

DoFollow plugin installed

I’ve now installed the DoFollow plugin, so commenter’s links will be followed by search engines. I’ve updated the comments guidelines to reflect the fact that using blatant keywords in your name is not allowed. Appropriate options for the name are either your name or your blog’s name. Also, comments that add nothing to the discussion won’t be approved (e.g. “Interesting”, or “Great post”).

I’ve set DoFollow on a 2-day delay, so the comments become follow comments after 2 days. That gives me time to delete any comments that do get through that are abusing the system. My goal here is to reward commenters who contribute.

Site Unavailable Plugin Installed

I’ve also installed the Site Unavailable plugin. When activated this plugin provides a simple “This site is down for routine maintenance” message to any one except admins. This solves a frequent problem I’ve had, where I want to update some aspect of the site that requires multiple steps, and until all the steps are finished the site may be broken. Users will now not see the site in the unfinished state, but get the site unavailable message instead.

So if you see that message, it just means I’m tinkering with the site. Check back later in the day to see what’s changed.

Signature Plugin Added

I’m now using a signature plugin and the RSS Signature plugin. I added these after Tyson’s post at Some Make Money was duplicated without proper attribution. This way, every post will have a link back here and a link to the blog’s RSS feed. If someone copies the post from the RSS, those links go along with it.


I’ve been trying to clean up the categories a bit. I didn’t have a clear idea of what categories I wanted when I started the blog, and want to cut down the number of categories a bit while keeping everything organized. So if you see a category that’s missing, that’s why.

This is a work in progress, so if you have suggestions on what categories I should get rid of, or which ones I need to add, let me know.

More Spam!

The blog has apparently become popular enough to attract spammers. So far Akismet is doing a wonderful job of blocking spam comments, and has only blocked one real comment.

Hope you’re enjoying the blog!

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