SBI! Mentoring Available

As part of my effort to provide exceptional value to those who follow my recommendations, I’m starting a mentoring program for anyone who purchases an SBI! site through one of my links.

I’d been planning on offering a web site with tutorial information, similar to what I do for my Marketing Pond referrals, but the SBI! material is already exceptional. But there are aspects to the process that may not be obvious the first time through, especially if you are new to Internet Marketing.

So to provide extra value, what I’ll do is personally help anyone who purchases SBI! through one of my links to identify a profitable niche and do the initial site design (identifying appropriate keywords for tier 2 and tier 3 pages). My focus will be on helping you to build the skills and judgment needed to do it yourself, rather than simply doing it for you. But I’ll offer advice on what I would do, too.

This offer is also good for whoever wins the January contest, so good luck to everyone who enters!

Also, I’ve recently received notice that the buy-one-get-one-free Holiday special has been held over until January 4th. So you still have a couple of days in which to get two SBI! sites for the price of one. SBI! is a great value as it is, cutting the price of two sites in half is even better. And now, you can also get personal mentoring from me as you work through the action guide.

Click here for the two-for-one special.

Note that you’ll purchase your first site through the order form. When you receive your “Get Ready For Site Build It!” email with details on getting started with your site, there will be a link at the bottom of that email for redeeming your free site. You have 9 months in which to redeem that second site (or give it to someone else), and the one year subscription for that second site doesn’t start until you redeem it. So you can take your time building your first site, and only redeem the second when you’re ready to start another site.

If you purchase an SBI! site through my link, use the contact form at this blog to request your personal mentoring. Send me your first name and the last four digits of your telephone number, to allow me to verify the purchase. Also let me know how far you’ve gotten in the SBI! action guide, and we’ll go from there.

P.S. To be certain of getting credited as my referral, and being eligible for the mentoring, it’s best to clear your cookies before clicking through my link to order.

4 Replies to “SBI! Mentoring Available”

  1. That’s a very generous offer, Jay. How many hours/days do you think someone starting up their SBI website would need to get things rolling? I’m guessing freshies would need more than the 10 days in the 10 day process I’ve seen you mention in another post. Hope you don’t end up with any clingy pupils 😉

  2. *laugh* Each of the 10 days is more like a biblical day, they take as long as they take. Some go quickly, and hour or so, and others stretch for weeks. Content creation, for example, takes the most time and that’s one day in the guide.

    I don’t mind getting lots of emails from students (that’s what I do in my day job, too!) If it helps them succeed where they might have given up, that’s worth it.

  3. Hi Gwen, the offer is still open, although the two-for-one special has since expired. When you purchase SBI through my link, just send me a message through the contact form on this blog letting me know the name you used when buying it, and I’ll match that up with the info SBI! gives me about purchasers, and we’ll go from there.

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