Case Study, Part 2

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I’ve been testing traffic from to a Marketing Pond splash page, and to this blog. The early results are at my Revisitors Case Study, Part 1 post.

The Marketing Pond traffic of 2,500 visitors is about halfway finished. The click through rate on the splash page went up to 1%. The splash page normally runs at about 5%. The 5% rate is with highly targeted traffic from various paid-to-read sites. So 1% with fairly untargeted traffic is probably about right. What this tells me is that the targeting aspect of Revistors traffic isn’t quite as good as the sales pitch says. But it’s far better than other paid bulk traffic, such as pop-under traffic.

Conversions into Marketing Pond ran at about 50% of the click through traffic. This is about normal.

The blog traffic campaign has delivered over 3,000 visitors to the blog. I’d reported an initial jump in RSS subscribers. That jump was apparently part of the normal fluctuation you get with feed statistics, since the numbers have since gone down and up and down and up again. Either that, or there are both waves of people subscribing, and waves of people leaving.

The bounce rate for the site stabilized at about the same level as before the Revisitors campaign. The average time spent on the site is higher, up to about 10 minutes, compared to 5 minutes from before the campaign. Average page views is about the same, a bit over 2.

While the visitors aren’t subscribing, which was my original measure of success, they are reading the blog (Hello!) And staying for a while to do so, unless some of the regular readers leave the blog up in their browser when they go to bed, skewing the numbers.

If you’re planning a campaign using traffic, plan on a conversion rate lower than you’re used to for targeted traffic. The traffic is inexpensive enough you can probably still make a profit on the deal. At least, unless you’re like me, and use the traffic on sites that don’t provide an immediate sale.

And if you got to this blog and aren’t quite sure how, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed so you can find your way back again. We’re a friendly bunch!

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  1. Thank you for the update of the campaigns. I am thinking of purchasing for a couple of sites I have that have fairly decent adsense click value. If I go forward with it I will document and reveal what I can.

  2. Please do share your results. It may be that the traffic from clicks on ads more than they do something substantial, such as subscribing to a blog or signing up for a program.

  3. Hi John, based on what I’ve seen and others have reported, I think you’d be wasting your money with your site as it is. I think the best way to use Revisitors is to send the traffic to a special squeeze page where you offer them something free that they want in exchange for their email address. Then use an autoresponder to follow up with them once you have their information.

  4. I’m currently using for my website. So far, all targeted traffic is international. The problem, I requested U.S. traffic. This will not generate any new business for me, as I do not ship internationally.

    Compared to my last traffic provider, Revistors is slower to send potential customers my way.

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