Recognizing When You’re Spread Too Thin

When you first want to make money online, you probably have a certain amount of income to invest. You might use it to join some programs that have good hype.

You probably discover that good hype doesn’t mean putting you in profit automatically, and so join another program that has better hype. But you keep the original program and promote it, too, because you’ve got an investment in it now. So you’re promoting two programs.

Then three, four, and so on.

The problem is, all the programs have good hype and make themselves out to be the next big thing. Generally, they’re they next big thing only for the owners, at least at first. Most any program can reward those members who stick it out and promote the program through however long it takes to get into profit. This might be months, or years.

I’ve written before about the importance of focusing on a single opportunity until you’re in profit. But for those who like to work multiple opportunities, it’s important to recognize when you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Here are a few key indicators.

o) You spend more time researching new programs to join than working your existing programs
o) You spend more than your disposable income on programs, without quite realizing it
o) You cannot spend at least some time working every program every day

If any of those are true, you probably should eliminate the programs that are the least active, and focus on the others.

Anyone else have any other signs that you’re spreading yourself too thin?

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