Read Online Opportunity via Mobile Devices

You can now read Online Opportunity via a mobile device.

You’ll need to come to the website and click the BuzMe button to get started. My understanding is that after that, you’ll be able to read the blog’s feed on your mobile device without installing any additional software on your device. Get the latest from Online Opportunity while stuck in an elevator!

You’re supposed to be able to leave comments, too. I don’t have a mobile device that’ll work (I use a sadly old-fashioned cell phone for emergency use only), so I can’t test it. If anyone does, let me know how it works.

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  1. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion, but as you use WordPress, you might be interested in the WordPress Mobile Edition plug in. , readme at

    It is basically a bit of code that check whether your visitor is using a mobile device or not, if so it uses a cut-down theme, with extra navigational links to make it easier to browse without a mouse, and cuts down on what is xfered to the device, resulting in lower bandwidth needs for the visitor – so cheaper and quicker.

    It is free, I’m not the author, just a satisfied user…
    (My blog is also on making money (occasionally), Kazakhstan (quite often) and random stuff (very often 🙂 ))

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