Put Your Blog Posts On Swypefile and Earn

Why are product launches always on Monday?

I ran across this today, and it’s a bit time sensitive, so I’m breaking my normal “no weekend posts” rule to let you know about it now. Swypefile is, basically, a place to get extra exposure for your blog posts, if you are in the Internet Marketing arena.

Write a great post about how to cloak affiliate links, but can’t get many people to read it? Post it on swypefile. It’s like Digg and numerous other sites out there, in that other members can vote for articles, and the most voted for ones rise to the top of the front page. It’s just for Internet Marketers, so you know that your desired target audience is reading the article.

And, they do a 50% ad sharing using Google Adsense. Put your Adsense ID into your profile, and you’ll get half of the impressions for the ads on your article pages. Write a really popular article, and it could earn you a little extra money. Or, you don’t even have to submit your own articles. Say you find a great article on another blog that hasn’t been submitted yet…if you’re the one to submit it, you’re the one who gets the Adsense impressions.

You also get some ad sharing from the impressions your referrals to swypefile get.

This is the time to join and submit some of your best posts (or someone else’s best posts) to be well positioned for the launch Monday. And if you can also get a few referrals at the same time, all the better.

Click here to go to swypefile.

2 Replies to “Put Your Blog Posts On Swypefile and Earn”

  1. It’s already made me a couple of bucks since I put a few of my posts on it.

    I did realize that it’s a bit tricky, though, since Google terms prevent you from clicking on your own ads…and your ads show on your referrals’ articles 50% of the time, so to be safe you can never click on an ad on one of your referrals’ articles, even if it’s something you really want to click on.

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