Profit Peelers Review

Profit Peelers is a new way to make money with your website traffic.

You’ve probably seen peel away ads all over the place. They’re a nice alternative to popups for exposing your visitors to something that might make you some money. You can get the peel away ads code for $20 or so around the Internet.

The problem is that you have to integrate it with your website, create (or buy) pretty graphics for it, find programs that will make you some money, etc.

Profit Peelers has taken the peel away ads technology and combined it with GPT offers to allow you to offer your visitors the chance to complete offers. But instead of them getting the money from the offer, you do.

I’m running a zip code offer on my personal blog as an example. It’ll appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse over the little paper flap that appears, and you’ll see the rest of the offer. Any one who clicks that ad and enters their zip code on the page that comes up earns me $1.05 (at least according to Profit Peelers…we’ll see how it works out).

Profit Peelers has the potential to earn you extra money from the traffic you already get, in a fairly unobtrusive way. Your traffic would have to be the sort that doesn’t know about the GPT industry, otherwise they won’t complete offers to make you money, but will go to Cash Crate and complete them for themselves.

Click here to sign up with Profit Peelers for free.

3 Replies to “Profit Peelers Review”

  1. Hi Jay! It’s one of those rare days when I can afford to move around the blogosphere. Yup, I haven’t been visiting for a while but I’m in touch with your postings. They come to me via email.
    I see you still got the BlogRush widget on the sidebar. That says you’re on the good book of John Reese. Great. And cheers!

  2. [quote post=”392″]I see you still got the BlogRush widget on the sidebar. That says you’re on the good book of John Reese. Great. And cheers![/quote]

    Hi Mark, I know how that goes…I’ve had little time to get through my RSS reader lately. BlogRush has been decent to me, with regular, if small, amounts of traffic. Every little bit helps!

    [quote post=”392″]Will be interested in seeing how the first months figures go Jay, sounds like a good earner if the numbers they quote are even close.[/quote]

    I think it could be quite good, Neil, but I’m not sure my personal blog has enough traffic to make a good showing. We’ll see what happens, though.

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