POAD Team Pro Upgrades Available

The POAD Team traffic exchange (previously known as the Power of a Dollar exchange) is now offering pro upgrades.

At $11 a month, the pro upgrade gives you 60 surfing credits each month, increased commissions from your referrals’ purchases, a better surfing ratio for your own surfing, and free referrals from people who join the site without a referrer.

The price isn’t out of line for pro upgrades at exchanges. The number of surfing credits you receive seems small, but remember that each visitor is reading your page to answer your question, so the value you get from each visitor should be higher than at a typical exchange.

They also offer a lifetime pro upgrade, currently priced at $497. In addition to the pro upgrade, you get a bunch of software and other bonuses. Since it would take a bit over three and a half years to get to $497 at the normal monthly upgrade cost, I don’t see the lifetime upgrade as a good deal. Especially for a new exchange that might not be around in two years, let alone four.

On the other hand, to get started with the POAD Team traffic exchange and push some visitors to your site to see if the whole concept of the exchange works for you, a single month’s upgrade gives you instant credits to work with.

If you can’t make a sale with 60 visitors who are reading your page, that’s probably a good indicator that what you’re selling doesn’t appeal to the POAD Team crowd, and you can cancel your subscription.

I’d be interested in hearing what other people’s results are with the exchange.

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