Perry Marshall’s Bobsled Run

Whenever I hear that Perry Marshall (of the Definitive Guide To Adwords fame) is running a coaching workshop, I always start to dream just a bit.

Perry’s workshops have a reputation for helping people to take their PPC efforts to the next level, greatly increasing their profits. Both by reducing their cost per click, and by ensuring a greater conversion rate on their existing traffic. The work is done not only at the Adwords level, but also at the sales page level.

The catch is that the workshops are only for people who already have a substantial online business. You can’t just be starting out, or you won’t be accepted. Your business doesn’t have to be doing well, but you have to have one. If you qualify, the workshop comes with a great guarantee. You’ll recoup the costs of the workshop in either additional sales or in cost savings, by the time the workshop is over. And in a year, you’ll make at least $25,000 more than you would have otherwise.

So, yeah, I tend to salivate a bit when I hear about another one starting out. The problem is, I don’t have an online business, I work the affiliate angle. I also don’t use PPC as part of it, because (as I’ve mentioned before) I’m a PPC moron. When I get to the point of having my own products I sell, you can bet I’ll sign up for the first of Perry’s workshops that I can afford.

If you do have an online business, and are doing PPC as part of that business, take a look at Perry’s latest workshop, the bobsled run.

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  1. [quote comment=””]I would love to attent Perry Marshall’s workshop if only because I am bent on getting the best boost for my money making online.[/quote]

    Hadn’t heard of Perry before, but will definitely have a look at his AdWords guide – never really had a go at using AdWords before…

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