Pay Per Post Update

I’m using my seldom updated personal blog as a test bed for, which I first mentioned exactly three months ago in one of my first posts, How to Make Money Blogging.

It’s taken that long to get my personal blog accepted by PayPerPost.

The first submission failed because the blog needed to be both at least 90 days old (it was), and have 20 posts in that 90 day period (it didn’t). It took them a week or so to notify me about the reason.

The second submission failed because I had Blogger setup to only display a single post on the home page, and apparently that’s against the PayPerPost rules. Again, it took a week or so for the notification.

The third submission worked after I changed a Blogger setting to show multiple posts on the home page. This time the approval happened in a day after submitting.

So, finally, three months after writing about it I’m ready to start testing PayPerPost. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As a bonus, though, once I complete ten offers on my personal blog, I’ll be able to add this blog to PayPerPost. I don’t intend to do paid posts here, but with the blog accepted I can participate in their get-paid-to-review-my-blog promotion, so you all could earn money for reviewing your favorite posts here.

First, though, I have to make it through ten offers.

Have you had any luck with paid offers on your blog, whether through or somewhere else?

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  1. I was able to get my blog approved rather quickly and have had great success with PPP. I made my first post on June 23 and have since posted 16 paid posts. It could be more but my PR is still a big fat 0 which makes good opps hard to get….also being on blogspot doesn’t help either. With that said, I have made 108.00 in paid posts and 120.00 in referrels. Not too shabby, huh? I am really enjoying it. In fact, that is WHY I want to get my own website. To get the high paying opps, advertisers prefer you to have your own website, a PR of atleast 3, and an alexa ranking of below 999,999. I submitted my money savvy blog and it was accepted in 2 days!

  2. Those are great results, Lori! The next PR update should be coming along anytime in the next month, so you should see a PR increase then based on any links you’ve accumulated (like the ones from comments here).

  3. I’ve heard complains of slow processing and notification by other bloggers which are similar to your experience with PPP.

    Fortunately for me, my application was approved rather smoothly, as my blog met all required criterias. Within one week, I was able to kick-start and take up opportunities.

    PPP is by far the main earner of my humble blog, but as Lori mentioned, high value opportunities may not be available for us blogging on subdomain.

    My experience with SponsoredReviews is quite the opposite with PPP. Again, my blog was approved without hiccups, but so far all the opportunities which I’ve tendered or bid for have been rejected by advertisers.

    I bet it is the curse of the subdomain at work! I need to break out of blogspot!!!

  4. I haven’t have any luck with Sponsored Reviews either. Hec, I can’t even get approved for Pay U 2 Blog! I agree…I’ve got to get away from blogspot too.

    Thank you Juggling Frogs! I’ve been real happy with PPP.

    I wish they would hurry up with the Rank update…I’m getting sick of waiting on it.
    Just saw your contest Jay!! Maybe if I win you contest, you can set up wordpress for me;) on my own host with my own domain!!

  5. [quote post=”287″]Just saw your contest Jay!! Maybe if I win you contest, you can set up wordpress for me;) on my own host with my own domain!![/quote]

    That would definitely be something I could do.

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