Online Opportunity Nears One Year Old!

Okay, so it’s still about two months out, but I’m getting excited.

When I first started this blog, I committed to a daily posting schedule because of the enormous benefits that gives with Google. Google indexes your content far more quickly when you post daily, it treats you a bit better in search engine results positioning, etc. At first I struggled with daily posting, then I finally cut back to daily posting only on weekdays, and found a stride.

At any given moment, I’ll either be a couple weeks ahead in posts, or I’ll be down to the wire. Today I’m down to the wire, since I’ve been putting a lot of time and energy into The Advisory Panel, and due to my editorial duties over at Bella Online’s Role Playing Games site. I’ll get ahead again sometime this week.

Over the course of the almost-a-year the blog has been going, I’ve seen blogging friends drop off the face of the Internet, and others prosper. It’s seemed like everyone who wants to make money online starts a make money online blog. A mistake, in my opinion, since there are niches out there that have larger audiences and are less well filled. I’ll try to address this in an upcoming course on writing niche web sites.

I’m in the process of transitioning the blog from a typical blog of the niche into one that’s more of a mentoring model. Those people who’ve emailed me with questions know that I love to help. That’s part of the purpose behind The Advisory Panel. My hope is that I can help others get their first profitable blog/site up and running, helping them to learn the skills they’ll need to put others up.

The Advisory Panel itself is my first launch of a private forum, and it’s going well. Members can get free keyword research help, can participate in advertising exercises (and earn part of the profits from advertising I fund as part of the exercise), and generally interact with a great bunch of people looking to make money online.

So what’s ahead for the next year?

You’ve got me! Back in April, I wouldn’t have predicted how the blog has evolved.

I do know that I’ll continue to produce free, quality email courses on various Internet Marketing topics. Skill building is so critical to new marketers that it cannot be stressed enough. I’ll continue to build the The Advisory Panel into the place to go to network with other Internet Marketers.

By this time next year, I fully expect to be able to talk about the success stories that will come out of the Advisory Panel, people who formed group projects and created successful online sites or products.

It’s been a great year, and I’m excited about what’s to come!

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  1. I promise you that I did not drop off the face of the planet, just been writing a lot. I started adding things into my blog once more and i started a few others. I am really starting to enjoy Yuwie and have gotten my referral tree going so congratulate me already….

    Oh, congrats on the one year anniversary of your blog that is coming up.

  2. [quote post=”494″]I am really starting to enjoy Yuwie and have gotten my referral tree going so congratulate me already….[/quote]

    Congratulations! I’ve noticed that you’ve done great with Yuwie. Building an active referral tree is key there.

    Congrats too on the new blogs, I hope they’re all successful for you.

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