Online Opportunity Community Toolbar

I’ve been playing around with creating a community toolbar.

I initially started looking into this in order to put together a toolbar that had exactly the feeds and links I used on a daily basis. Then I realized that the capabilities of a community toolbar were much greater than I’d imagined.

Members of the community can send messages that the other members’ toolbars will pick up, or you can have a private chat page for just the people running the toolbar. The radio tuner alone makes it easier to listen to music while you’re surfing.

I’m still working on configuring the toolbar, but figured I’d make it available to readers, too. There’s a link in the sidebar under the feed subscription buttons. Click on it to install it into your web browser. The toolbar is certified virus and spyware free, so no worries there.

And, of course, it comes with a built-in link to Online Opportunity and the associated RSS feed so you’ve never more than a click away.

If you have any resources you’d love to be included into the toolbar, let me know.

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