Not Receiving Email When Someone Leaves A Comment in WordPress?

A blogging friend mentioned to me the other day that she was no longer getting emails when someone left a comment in her WordPress powered blog.

She was using WordPress 2.3, so my first thought was an incompatibility between a plugin and 2.3. After a bit of digging, it turns out that this problem has existed in earlier versions of WordPress, too. It seems to be an incompatibility between what the web host provides as far as PHP email services, and WordPress.

There’s a relatively simple fix, though.

Go into your web hosting control panel, and create a forwarding email for wordpress@domain, where domain is whatever your domain is. So for this blog, I’d use Have that email forward to your WordPress admin email.

Now you should start getting emails for comments again.

Note that the email you just added is not actually used to email the notifications. Those continue to go to the email you specified in your user profile in WordPress. But the email must exist for WordPress to be able to successfully send emails for comments.

So if you’re seeing this problem in WordPress, try creating that forwarding email.

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