Nichebot Prices to Increase

I received an email from NicheBot today about an upcoming price increase.

Apparently, on December 12th, they’ll be raising prices, “60 – 100%”. At the current rate of $9.97 a month, that would put the new rates anywhere from $15 to $20 a month. While I can hardly blame them for raising prices, it’s kind of a shame.

I’ve recommended NicheBot for bargain keyword research since I found the site, on the basis that you simply cannot find a more affordable professional keyword research tool anywhere that compares at the $9.97 price level. There are keyword tools that provide more, but they’re at the $25 – $50 price range.

Bumping the price of NicheBot up to $15 to $20 a month makes it less of a clear winner for entry level Internet marketers. It’d be nice if, after the price increase, they continued to offer a $9.97 version of the tool, but with fewer monthly search credits than the current one. That way, an entry level Internet marketer could still do enough professional keyword research to get started, until they were making enough money to upgrade to a higher level or a different tool.

The good news is that if you are already a member of NicheBot by December 10th, 2007, you lock in your pricing for life. The increased price will be only for new members who join after the 10th, or for existing members who quit and then rejoin after the 10th.

Will I still recommend NicheBot after the 10th? I’ll have to wait to see exactly what the new pricing structure is, and what you get for it, but I doubt it. I’ve recommended it so far because it’s such a bargain that an Internet marketer who is not making enough yet to cover the fee can still get enough value from the tool to make it worth having. After the price increase it likely won’t be such a bargain anymore.

As always, you get a two week trial for $1, if you want to give the tool a try.

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