Niche Blogging

A past post of mine talks about how to pick a blogging niche. When I first started this blog, I thought I was starting a niche blog.

After all, it’s about how to make money online, right? It isn’t a personal blog, so it must be a niche blog.

Months later, I find that my chosen niche is far too large.

For example, I write about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, MLM programs, and ways to get more traffic to your blog. After all, without traffic you won’t make money. Those various categories are loosely tied together by the idea of making money online. But someone interested in SEO might not be interested in the other topics. Someone interested in MLM might not care less about general affiliate marketing.

Part of being successful in a niche blog is to have a niche that is very focused.

A good niche will have its categories tightly tied together, such that a reader who lands on a post in one category will be interested in posts in other categories, because they’re all part of the same niche.

A niche blog can monetize in ways specific to that niche. For example, a blog about restoring a specific sort of car can link to online sources for parts for that particular car. The readership might be low, but they’re ultra-targeted for that product. A blog about restoring old cars in general has much more diluted monetization efforts, because they’re trying to serve an audience with wider interests.

So if your purpose starting a niche blog is to make money, make your niche as tightly focused as possible. If you have a related topic you find you want to write about, start another niche blog in the new niche and link to its posts from the other blog.

Laser focusing your niches should result in better conversion rates however you monetize your blog.

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  1. It takes a lot of traffic to earn real money online, the kind of money that pays your rent and other bills. If you are just thinking of starting your own blog there are a few principles you must know in order to get traffic.You will have to work in order to get traffic and it will take some time.Daily action and persistency is the key to success in any business niche, and this can make you in to an authority in your niche!

  2. [quote post=”365″]It takes a lot of traffic to earn real money online, the kind of money that pays your rent and other bills.[/quote]

    The traffic need not all be to the same blog, though. There are plenty of niches that are lower traffic, but still have high enough traffic to make it worth investing some time into developing them.

    Too many people go for the ultra-high traffic niches, which are by definition ultra competitive.

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