New Squidoo Ad-Sharing Calculations

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Squidoo should check out my original Squidoo post, or do a search on Squidoo to find other posts about it.

Up until just recently, the amount of money you made in Squidoo from ad-sharing was quite small. I was averaging 85 cents a month from about a dozen lenses, some popular. The Squidoo folks have just changed their ad-sharing calculations to take into account the PR of the lens. This rewards those lenses that are quality enough to get linked to from elsewhere, including other lenses.

Several of my lenses abruptly jumped to earning $3 a month, totaling about $15 for the month for all of them. Now, $15 a month isn’t a lot, but when you consider that you’re being paid to write web pages that are, essentially, advertising your other online businesses, it’s not such a bad deal.

Ironically enough, though, my highest earning lens isn’t advertising anything! I wrote a couple of public service type of lenses, about subjects I felt needed more exposure, and they’ve gotten enough search engine traffic to be my two most popular lenses. One is my Computer Game Making For Kids lens, and the other is my Roleplaying with Kids lens. Regular readers will remember that the Roleplaying with Kids lens was named Lens of the Day some time back, and I wrote a series of posts about the effect that had on the lens.

You can join Squidoo here to get started making your own lenses. Keep in mind that the new calculations reward quality lenses, so don’t expect to slap something together that’s little more than a sales pitch and an affiliate link and have it earn anything from ad-sharing. Spend some time on the lens itself, and get it listed in as many high profile groups as are appropriate for the topic of your lens.

Soon you’ll be getting paid a bit to advertise your online businesses.

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  1. Now that is interesting. Where have I been? I started a lens forever ago and I forgot all about it until I seen your post. I never really understood Squidoo so I am going to find your lens and read up on it. Thanks for sharing this information with me.

  2. I only kept going with my Squidoo lenses because it was a bit addictive. Definitely rework your lens and get some groups linking to it, and you should see the earnings increase.

  3. I keep reading about Squidoo but I have not taken the time to create any lenses(I also have not taken the time to update my blog lately :S)

    Jay, I think you missed an opportunity to increase traffic to your lens, by not posting a link to it. I personally would like to see what a nice earning lens looks like.

    Thanks for the great information

  4. Tyson, you’re right! My only excuse is that when I wrote that post I was coming off a four day gaming convention, and barely conscious. I’ll edit the post to add the link to my highest earning lenses.

  5. I went to Origins, a big convention here in the midwest US (Columbus, Ohio). It was a blast! I did pretty well in most of the games I played, and got very little sleep. I did get crushed pretty badly in a Game Of Thrones board game, but by that point I wasn’t too aware of what was happening (that was Sunday night, the last night of the convention).

  6. I’ve never really thought of my Squidoo lens a way of making money–not since I saw my first check, anyway. But I was surprised it achieved PR 3 and ranks on some good search terms, as well as sending my blog steady traffic. I’m glad Squidoo is changing their pay rate to reflect PR!

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