My Christmas Gift To You

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Just a short post today, to give you a copy of SBI!’s Affiliate Masters Course.

This PDF is a fairly long treatment of how to successfully use the affiliate model of marketing to monetize your site’s traffic. It does have links to SBI! in it, because the affiliate model is one of the ways that SBI! sites monetize. But I don’t recommend purchasing an SBI! site through the ebook (for reasons that should become clear on January 1st).

Just read it, and start integrating the ideas in it into your existing sites, or into a new one you create. Work to get into the mindset put forth in the ebook.

(Of course, if you read this after January 31st, then by all means go ahead and buy an SBI! site through the ebook if you feel drawn to do so.)

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