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I’ve written before about the potential of local marketing.

Things like billboards, postcard mailers, advertising on downtown benches, that sort of thing. There are wonderful possibilities to get your message in front of different eyes, and perhaps find a whole new audience for what you’re selling.

I recently got a postcard mailer at home claiming, “Receive $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 Daily By Inviting People To Your Website…”, and it went on to list all the things you wouldn’t be doing. Things like selling products, pushing ebooks, calling people, or pretty much anything. Supposedly it’s all automatic.

I give the person who sent this out credit for thinking outside the box. They did a pretty good job with the postcard, the purpose of which is to get someone to go to a website. It turns out that they’re using a domain redirect, so that on the postcard they have a catchy, easy to remember website address. When you go there, it takes you to a popular gifting system’s affiliate link.

While most people who’ve been around much at all won’t touch gifting systems, using a postcard mailer to get to a less savvy audience is a fine idea. Someone with a website who isn’t involved with online marketing might just bite, and gifting systems are such that a fairly low conversion rate would still turn a profit.

I don’t recommend any gifting program, but this particular example shows how you can match a particular opportunity to a less skeptical audience by using offline marketing. Think about how you might be able to do the same for whatever your primary business happens to be.

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  1. Hi,

    Postcards are a good example of offline marketing that I use.

    I also talk about offline and online marketing on my site, and I’m also in entrecard.

    For instance one of my most recent posts in on Success With Customer Relationship Management. I’ve linked to it.

    It then links to three other posts that take more of a marketing approach to customer relationship management.

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