More Internet Profit Sharing

More and more people are catching on to the power of online profit sharing.

I just ran across Peerit, a Bit Torrent network that allows you to seed files for sale. The basic idea is that you see a file you have the rights to sell (photos or movies you’ve taken, documents you’ve written, etc). You set the amount that you want the item to sell for, and the amount that you’re willing to payout to people who help seed the file. The example used on the site itself is a product that sells for $12, and has a payout of $2.

Someone buys your product and downloads it using the special Peerit client. They’ve paid you $12. They now seed that product. Another person buys your product, and there are two seeders (you and your first customer). The third person gets half the file from you and half from your first customer. The new customer pays you $12. You owe the first customer $1, half of the payout since they provided half the file.

This is an interesting take on the problem of encouraging people to seed files in Bit Torrent. It does assume that the content you’re sharing is worth paying for, and that you have the rights to sell it. I’m not sure how it’ll work out in practice, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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  1. Interesting idea.Torrent networks has a bad reputation because of the illegal mp3 sharing and downloads that some people do.But this is an idea that sounds really interesting and could be very profitable.

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