Monetization Started

As I mentioned in my blog anniversary post, one of the things I’ll be doing this summer is testing monetization on the blog.

Unfortunately, I have had little time to even get anything up to test! I do have one banner up right now, that will appear above the post title on the index and single post pages. For now I’m going to stick with CPA banners, the ones that pay me for a visitor clicking through and taking some action (signing up, typically). Eventually I’ll add a few more and they’ll rotate.

I’ll try that for about a month, and then switch to a PPC model for a month to see how that goes. I’ll report the results back here, of course, when I’m through with a test period. The results should apply well to any blog in the same niche.

4 Replies to “Monetization Started”

  1. If your looking for ways to monetise your blog then lists and reviews lots of methods to do this.

    Testing is the best way to figure what works best, some sites work better with one type of monetisation whilst another site may work better with some other method.

  2. Hi Caroline, you’re absolutely right, and I think that’s one of the things that convinces many people there’s no money to be made online. They want a recipe, and there just isn’t one other than try, test, and try again.

  3. I do plan on testing Adsense and Bidvertiser, although I probably won’t do sponsored reviews. I get a lot of requests to do them through my contact form, but the whole purpose of the blog is unbiased reviews. I don’t feel that a sponsored review can be unbiased.

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