Million Dollar Wiki

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Million Dollar Wiki by now.

If not, here’s the short version: a guy named Graham wants to pay off his debt and open a bar in Boston, so he decides to start a wiki and sell pages on it at $100 each. He’s currently sold 445 pages as of this writing.

Why should you want to buy a page?

Well, Graham says the page will stay up for a minimum of 15 years. That’s about $7 a year. Since the concept is new, the Million Dollar Wiki is getting a lot of attention, which means visits for your page. You can use the page like you would a Squidoo lens, to either sell something or direct visitors to your main site, or both.

Pages on the wiki are sold based on keyword, which becomes part of the page’s URL and title. John Chow snapped up the page for make money online, predictably enough. The most popular page so far is one about Socially Responsible Business.

You can put Adsense on your pages, you can track them with Google Analytics, the works. You can even, if you want to, use iframes to put a forum in the page.

At $7 a year, I couldn’t resist. I picked up the page for the keyword Make Money Online Free and put together a first draft at a page designed to highlight various free money opportunities available online.

Have a keyword you’ve always wanted to rank for on Google? Check out the Million Dollar Wiki and see if it’s available there.

5 Replies to “Million Dollar Wiki”

  1. [quote post=”350″]I hope it doesn’t take 15 years for him to make his million. haha[/quote]

    *laugh* Let’s hope not!

    [quote post=”350″]Thanks again Jay for putting up the blog post about the Car Contest[/quote]

    You’re welcome! I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

  2. This is a good investment. He seems to have teamed up with John Chow so that should be a positive for him. On the upside, I too have my own new project called The Wall Of Blogs where people can get 125×125 ad spots for $5. I will be adding a page to my blog on Tuesday that explains it and I think you should definitely check it out! I think you got a great page at the MDW!

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