MBPA Fire Sale

The folks over at MPBAdvertising have apparently been sued for sending emails to a safelist subscriber.

The subscriber himself never complained, but the company that owns the domain name his email was going through is the one behind the lawsuit. This is a nice gray area of the law, and a precedent will be established in this case. Whether an email provider can sue based on the amount of email a subscriber has chosen to receive.

Safelist owners everywhere are clearly hoping that MPBAdvertising comes out on top.

To raise money for their legal fees, they’re holding the MPBA Fire Sale. They’ve basically asked a lot of interested parties to donate products they can sell.

Some of the products you could get include:

o) A lifetime pro membership at the Autopilot Advertising Ad Directory, normally $197
o) The Butterfly Marketing manuscript, available elsewhere for $97
o) Backlink Submitter, normally $67
o) 10,000 ad credits at Free-Ad Depot, normally $125
o) AdTrackz (ad tracking software), normally $77
o) Exit Profit Generator, normally $15
o) Free lifetime pro memberships to over 200 safelists
o) A whole bunch of private label rights/master resale rights products
o) Other advertising credits at various traffic exchanges and advertising sites
o) At least three link cloaking software packes (I may have missed one or two)

And a bunch more stuff I’m not going to even try and list individually.

The bottom line is that, unlike most of these sorts of packages that give you the same old ebooks with master resale rights, you’re getting some real value in this package. Advertising credits you can use, lifetime pro upgrades at more safelists than you could probably ever use, solo ads and upgrades at traffic exchanges, etc.

For an Internet marketer, this package is truly useful. And I’m posting this early today, because they’re using a sliding scale for the cost.

Today, you get all of the above for $47. Tomorrow (or Thursday, I’m not sure which) it goes up to $77. Another two days after that, $97, and so on.

Their goal is to raise as much money as quickly as possible for legal fees, and they’ve put together a useful Internet marketing package to do it with. I could go on, but regular readers will know I don’t hesitate to knock packages that fail to give you value. I think this one provides more than enough value for the price.

Click here to go to the MPBA Fire Sale.

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  1. Thats crazey how a email provider is sueing a safelist company just because its doing what its designed to do, recevie email. Sounds to me that this email company is hard up for cash and found the most stupidest way to try to get some.

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