MBPA Fire Sale Coming To A Close

The MBPA Fire Sale is coming to a close. The last day will be on the 7th, and the last price increase, to $147 will be on the 6th.

Right now the price for the package is $127.

I grabbed it at $47 last week, and was extremely pleased with the advertising resources and software provided in the package. I’ve used a bunch of free safelist solo ads for advertising my Safelist Secrets course, and free traffic exchange credits and upgrades to advertise the Traffic Exchange Secrets course.

Those solo ads have already added subscribers to the course, and brought me one JV style contact.

Would I still buy the package at $127?

That’s hard to say. I’m notoriously stingy, and tend to not spend over $50 on nearly anything online if I can help it. So probably not.

Click here if you’re not as stingy as I am, to see what’s in the package.

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