Marketing Your PLR and MRR Material

A quick post before I continue the Traffic Wave tutorial, since this is time sensitive.

These days, it’s hard to not accumulate a collection of Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights material if you’re doing anything in Internet Marketing. But what do you do with all of it? You certainly cannot sell the items individually, because tons of other people have the same rights. There are two basic strategies here:

1) Edit multiple PLR items together into a new work. This has the advantage that nobody else is selling the exact same thing.

2) Package multiple MRR items together into a package that seems irresistible, on the basis of how much value they get for their money (e.g. $5,000 worth of product for $47)

But even when you do that, you’re left with the problem of how to market it all. One-time-offers (OTO) are a popular option for doing this. You show your OTO to someone after they sign up for your list or buy something else from you, and some percentage of people will buy.

But again, we’re only pushing the problem back one step. As a beginning Internet Marketing, you aren’t that great at building a list, and you don’t have other products people are rushing to buy. It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg, how do you sell what you have when you don’t have any prospects?

Enter Auto Pilot Cash Streams.

As of right now, there are 4,259 contributors signed up to the site. Each of those contributors will log on regularly to see if any of their referrals has purchased an OTO (which earns them a commission). They’ll log on to edit their gift details. They’ll log on to see what gifts other people are giving. And every time they log on, they are presented with an OTO from another member.

That’s right, as a contributor you can provide an OTO that gets displayed in rotation with all the other contributor’s OTOs. The web site handles the payments and pays commissions to the referrer of the purchaser, and credits your account with the remainder. You can get your OTO in front of a whole slew of people interested in Internet Marketing, and you do not have to do any traffic building or payment processing.

In fact, the only things you need to do are:

1) Provide the HTML for the sales page (you do not host this, it’s hosted on the Auto Pilot Cash Streams site)
2) Say how much you want to charge
3) Provide a download link for the product (the product file itself is hosted on your domain)

Once your offer is approved, it starts into rotation.

At this point you should be wondering how often your offer will display, if there are over 4,000 contributors. Luckily, most people are lazy. They join to earn from their referrals, not to put up offers. I’d say there are only about 20 offers up there right now, based on how often I see the same ones. That will certainly go up, but it’s still a good ratio.

And, the giveaway hasn’t even started yet, so these are just contributors. Regular members will join starting August 1st, and you’ll get more traffic to your offer. I see this as the perfect opportunity to test an OTO. You’ve invested nothing but half an hour of your time getting it set up, since most PLR and MRR products provide sales pages for you. And you get to see how well the OTO does with an Internet Marketing audience.

To get started, join Auto Pilot Cash Streams. And if you have PLR and MRR material and aren’t excited about the possibilities with this site, ask yourself how you plan on earning anything from those packages if you aren’t willing to put them in front of people?

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  2. I just found your blog today and I had to comment as this is a really solid article. I have just recently (last 6 months) been getting into PLR marketing. I REALLY like your tip to merge multiple PLR works into one super original piece. I just recently joined a PLR membership site and there are a few products that have mutliple products on the topic. I never thought to actually take each of them and merge them into a new product. I’ve just been taking each individual product and reworking it one by one. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to keep reading this blog and see what other goodies I can find. :o)

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