Making Money With Squidoo

Squidoo is a website that allows anyone to easily write web pages.

Squidoo pages can be about anything: gardening, rock climbing, the ten best web sites, etc. Squidoo sells advertising on their pages (including yours, if you write a web page there) and collects money from advertisers. Squidoo then gives you a portion of the money, based on how popular your web pages are.

You can also recommend books or movies on your web page, and provide links to purchase those books and movies online (e.g. an affiliate link, if you remember from the last post). If someone purchases the product through your link at Squidoo, you get the commission from it.

Making money with Squidoo requires a large investment of effort. Unless you write a phenomenally popular web page, you must write a lot of web pages to make any amount of money. As an example, with about four web pages written, I made less than a dollar my first month.

The key to success with Squidoo is getting traffic to your web pages. Indeed, this is the key to any online success, so we’ll talk about traffic generation in a later post.

If you want to see examples of Squidoo pages, you can take a look at a couple of mine:

Roleplaying with Kids
Computer Game Making for Kids

To get started on your own pages, sign up at Squidoo.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I agree with you, it does take some effort. I have seen a few people who have put a lot of time in it. Those people do really well with Squidoo. As for me, I do better blogging and writing articles or post for online companies.

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