Looking For A Product Partner

My P.S. on my post about Virtual Smart Agent has been knocking about in my mind since yesterday, and the more I think about it the more interested I am in partnering with someone who has a product to sell but lacks technical skills.

My ideal partner would be someone for whom the idea of setting up a sales website sends shivers down their spine. Doubly so for integrating something like Virtual Smart Agent or an affiliate program into the site. The word autoresponder seem like a foreign language?

The product must be something that can be sold online with digital delivery. I’m not interested in getting involved in hard goods. An ebook is a possibility, although it’d have to be very high quality to charge for it, since so many ebooks are given away for free as promotional devices. A video tutorial series is another possibility, and one that is quite popular these days.

The niche does not have to be about earning online. I’m open to pretty much anything, so if you have a product you want to sell but lack the knowledge to do it yourself, send me the details.

Why let that product collect virtual dust any longer?

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  1. Hi Wisler…this is an opportunity for anyone who has created a product they want to sell. If that’s you, then use the contact form on this site to tell me what your product is, who the audience is, what you think it could be sold for, etc.

    If I think I can help, then we’ll work out the details.

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