Look Mom, No Ethics!

Reputation is a subject I return to over and over again.

There seem to be two broad categories of Internet Marketers. Those who simply copy what everyone else is doing, including heavy use of Fear Based Marketing, and those who make their own way. This post is mostly aimed at those who simply copy what everyone else is doing, such as including forum signatures with lines like, “Ask me how I make $5,000 per month”.

Online reputation is an interesting thing. Google someone’s name, and you’ll not only see what they’re up to lately, but you’ll see what they’ve been up to since they’ve been on the web. Online activity leaves traces that stay around for a long time.

What do you want your online activity to say about you?

I like to think of it in terms of my Mom, who started out on the Internet in her mid-60s. What will she find if she Googles my name, and would I be proud of it?

Too many people seem to think that entering into Internet Marketing means leaving who you are at the door. Don’t get me wrong, some people really are the sort who would scam others just to earn a buck. If that’s who you are, then go to it! The online trace is there for the world to see.

But if that isn’t who you are, do your online activities provide a fair picture of you? Or are you trying to copy what others are doing without regard to who you really are?

What would your Mom find out there with your name on it?

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  1. Marketing is all about you and how you interact with others. The only thing about searching for someone by name is that there are lots of people around the world with the same name as you.

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