Letting Go

Some of you know that I’m moving shortly, about 90 miles east to be closer to where I work. I’ve done the commute for three years, and decided enough was enough.

A big theme that’s come up for me during the whole moving process (which should be over on the 5th, if all goes well) is that of letting go. We love our current house. We live in a city, and found one of the few houses we could afford that had natural woods in the backyard. The neighborhood had a lot of connections for us…we found out after moving in that our neighbor across the street was the childhood friend of my father-in-law, and they hadn’t seen each other for over fifty years.

So leaving our current house has been hard. We’d originally decided to keep it and rent it, so we could come back to it if we needed to. That didn’t work out financially, so we’re going to sell it. But that was a hard decision to make.

We’ve had to let go of the connections, and the attachment to the house (and trees!) We’ve had to let go of knowing what the future will bring (I’m on two-year contracts at work, and have no reason to think I won’t be renewed, but you never know).

How does this apply to making money online?

Letting go is important to online success, too. There are times when you have to realize that what you’re currently doing isn’t working, and you need to let go of it and move on to something else. Sometimes we paralyze ourselves trying to figure out exactly how everything will work, and so never actually get around to doing anything…letting go of having to know how it’ll all work lets us make progress.

Letting go of the need for security allows us to take risks, which can bring not only great rewards, but take us in directions we never could have imagined on our own. Letting go of the need to understand completely lets us experiment and flail around, and perhaps learn from the process.

Take a look at your own online efforts, and see if there’s something you can let go of that may be holding you back.

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