Join The Advisory Panel And Get Rich!

Okay, maybe you won’t get rich overnight, but it’ll help.

The Advisory Panel is my creation, a supportive community of Internet Marketers. The intent is to create a space where you can network with other Internet Marketers of all ranges of experience.

Looking for a person to do some graphic design work for a sales web page you’re creating? Post at the Advisory Panel.

Looking for someone to rewrite your sales copy? Post at the Advisory Panel.

Have a great idea for a product, but need help working out the details. Post at the Advisory Panel.

Have a great product and want some JV partners to help you launch it? Post at the Advisory Panel.

Starting to see the potential? There’s such an atmosphere of competition between Internet Marketers that we sometimes forget we are all in the same boat, and by helping each other we can all build the skills and networks that we need to succeed. The gurus don’t do it all by themselves, and neither should you.

Now, of course, I don’t really expect anyone to join the Advisory Panel just based on me saying it’s a great place to network. You’ll discover that later, once you get there and start using it.

So I’m providing incentives.

Discounted web hosting

I do not have all the details on this worked out yet, as it’ll partly depend on how many people want to take advantage of it. Once you join the panel, post in the forum dedicated to the discount web hosting if you want it.

My tentative plan is to charge $20 for a year’s worth of web hosting plus a domain name. So for $20, you can have an entire year to try and profit from a small blog or niche site. And if you get to the point where your site is too big for the discount hosting, you should be making enough from it to upgrade to regular hosting.

Free Ebooks and Software

I’m making available my library of ebooks and software to all Advisory Panel members. Once you join you’ll be able to download to your heart’s content.

Note that I’m still in the process of weeding through my collection and identifying the ones I can legally give away as an incentive to join. So expect the library to grow over time.

Discounts On Your Favorite Products

With networking comes group buying power. As the Advisory Panel grows, I’ll be able to negotiate discounts on your favorite Internet Marketing related products. We’ll all get them for a lower price than we could individually.

Until the membership is large enough for me to negotiate discounts, I’ll refund part of your purchase price on my own as a discount anyway. Look in the benefits forum after you join for details on available discounts.

Sharing of Two-for-One Specials

Many services run two-for-one specials now and then throughout the year. Or maybe you get the second for half price. We often pass up these specials because we don’t think we need two of whatever it is.

Join with another Advisory Panel member who also wants the product, and you both pay half price. Another example of the power of cooperative networking.

A Free Support Forum For Your Group

Have a group of marketers and want to provide a support forum, but don’t want the hassle of setting it up on your own? I’ll give you a free forum at the Advisory Panel, make you moderator, and let you run it the way you like. You can make it private, or allow other Advisory Panel members to read, post, or whatever.

This benefit is only for people who have a specific group of people they want to provide support and networking for. As an example, if you sold an advertising service to Internet Marketers, you could get a support forum in the Advisory Panel for your customers. Your customers would also need to be members in order to get into the forum.

Networking, Networking, Networking

This is the real benefit for members. You simply cannot learn Internet Marketing as quickly in a vacuum as you can by interacting in a supportive environment with other people who are also at various stages in the learning curve.

So Join Already!

It’s free, and will always be free. I’ll email members about library updates, and when I’ve negotiated special deals, and that’s pretty much it. You won’t hear about the latest guru’s Internet Marketing launch from me (unless, of course, I’ve managed to secure a discount over and above what you can get elsewhere).

Click here to join. See you on the inside!

P.S. The first of the discounts in the Advisory Panel is for the Stealth Money Maker collection. If you already purchased it through my link, just join the panel and post a message in the appropriate forum, and I’ll see about your discount.

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