John Chow Results

Some of you may be wondering what actual results come out of doing a review of and getting a link from his blog. My post about what John’s done right that beginning bloggers can learn from qualified as a review, and a link to Online Opportunity from his blog was posted Friday night.

During the day Saturday, sent 27 visitors my way (edit: another 16 Sunday). Several of them left comments, not only on my John Chow post, but on other posts (thanks to everyone who commented, I appreciate you taking the time to look over the blog). A couple suggested I review their blogs in exchange for backlinks (which I will do over the next week).

So, all told the amount of traffic generated isn’t staggering. But at least in the case of Online Opportunity, it’s targeted traffic since a large number of the readers at are interested in making money online. So I probably got a couple more regular readers out of the deal.

Another benefit is to my page rank. I won’t know how much of a benefit this is until the next page rank update. But as I’ve said before, page rank is a minor factor for traffic generation (it’s highly relevant if you want to sell links or do paid reviews).

The biggest benefit, from my point of view, is the increase in relevancy a link from gives to Online Opportunity. The post that links to the review sites is rich with the keyword “Make Money Online”. A link from that sort of page increases my relevancy for that search term. I asked John to use the anchor text “Online Opportunity” for the link, which increases my relevancy for that search term, too.

Since I’m currently jockeying for top position in Google for the keyword “Online Opportunity”, the relevancy boost is helpful. I’m not even in the running for “make money online”, but the relevancy boost there is nice, too. To keep boosting my relevancy for “make money online”, I’ll likely steal John’s idea of providing a backlink for reviews, like many other sites have done. That’s a strategy for the long-term, but John’s shown it works.

So the John Chow effect wasn’t quite as great as I’d hoped, but I expect it to pay off in future search engine traffic.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by from Stop by again!

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  1. Hi Stephen! Page rank updates are generally once a quarter, and the last one happened in April. So August or September would be my guess as to the next one.


  2. Ronald, that matches what I’m seeing. PR really isn’t that important, even though everyone obsesses on it. That reminds me I need to do a post on toolbar PR versus live PR. Thanks!

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