Introducing the Network

I’ve started up a sister site to the blog, the Online Opportunity Network.

The purpose of the Network is to provide in-depth support for people who are working any of my recommended opportunities. Right now, the Network only has a detailed guide on Marketing Pond. In the weeks since I first posted about Marketing Pond, I’ve recruited nearly one hundred referrals, and felt the need to provide them with advice to help them succeed.

Eventually the Network will contain guides for other programs I recommend. Writing the guides is time consuming, though, so they’ll follow slowly. If you have requests for which programs should get guides next, let me know.

I also have plans for a newsletter or two that will be hosted on the Network, rather than the blog.

I’ll occasionally post here about new happenings on the Network.

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  1. I’m hoping that the content will draw a different class of search engine traffic than the blog, and result in some referrals and some spillover into the blog itself.

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