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In a previous post, I mentioned that the two main ways of making money online were advertising and sales.

That’s still true, but the normal method of making money has always been to create and promote your own website. Either a blog with advertising on it, or recommending affiliate links. A number of companies are taking this model and turning it on end by including member profit sharing.

As an example, let’s say you go to your favorite blog, Engadget. Well, it may not be your favorite blog, but according to Technorati it’s the most popular blog in the world. So for the sake of argument, let’s say you go there.

Along the top of the blog is a line of text links that are Adsense advertisements. Every time a user clicks on one of those links, Engadget makes some money. As the most popular blog in the world, Engadget gets a lot of people viewing the blog and clicking on those links, adding up a lot of advertising money.

An Internet profit sharing company would give its members some of that money back. The advantage as a member is that you can take advantage of a website that’s already promoted and popular instead of building your own.

Companies that are doing this include Cambrian House, Squidoo, and Agloco.

Cambrian House is a company that advocates crowdsourced software. This is software built by whoever in the Cambrian House community who wants to participate in building it, for as long as they want to participate. You might know how to program, or create graphics, or write good copy…all of those are needed skills for an online project. The profit sharing comes into play when the project starts to make money. Every member has a certain percentage of the profit depending on their participation in the project.

Cambrian House has another form of profit sharing, too. Just by signing up as a member of Cambrian House, you get one share of stock in Cambrian House. The stock is currently worth $1 a share.

You can sign up and claim your share of stock at the Cambrian House web site.

Squidoo, mentioned in an earlier post, is advertising based profit sharing. Pages on Squidoo are written by members on a variety of topics, and advertising profits from all the sites are put into a pool. Members are paid a percentage of that pool based on the popularity of the pages they’ve written.

Sign up at the Squidoo website and write a few web pages on any topic you want to start earning your share of the profits.

AGLOCO also pays members a percentage of advertising profits. I’ve written about them in a previous post, but here’s a recap: you allow advertisers to display advertisements to you while you view web pages. You get paid a percentage of profits based on how many hours you view web pages each day, and how many other people you’ve recruited. They reward recruiting other members, because that makes the pool of advertising profits larger.

Sign up at the AGLOCO website.

The best part of the current trend in Internet profit sharing companies is that it’s free to join each of them. They all acknowledge that they would make no profits at all without their members, and so make it as easy as possible to become a member, and then give back to the members.

If you know of other Internet profit sharing companies, I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. I played around with Squidoo and created my first lens. I made a little bit but not really that much. I met this lady who said that you had to have a lot of lens in order to make money. What she did was create all of her blogs on Squidoo so that she would keep making money. She says that she makes an income from doing this. I still have not had the chance to really play around with it.

    I don’t think that I have ever heard of Cambrian House, I guess that they might be something worth checking into.

  2. Hi Rosa, Squidoo recently changed their payout levels, so you can make more if you have a popular lens now. My most popular one makes $3 a month now, instead of about 10 cents a month. More lenses are still better, though.

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