Inbox Dollars Changes Referral Bonuses

Inbox Dollars, a popular Get-Paid-To site, has changed its referral bonus scheme.

Previously, they paid you $5 when one of your referrals achieved their first payout ($30 minimum). This didn’t work out so well for a couple of reasons.

First, most people don’t bother to get to payout, even with step by step instructions. My How To Make Your First $30 At Inbox Dollars post has recruited me over 120 referrals. Only 3 of those managed to get their first payout.

Second, if you get a referral who is extremely active, and gets multiple payouts, you only got $5 for the first payout. Nothing for any other payouts.

The new referral bonus scheme is that you earn a straight 10% of what your referrals earn. So if they earn $20 but never get to a payout, you still get your $2. If they earn $200, you get $20. This is a huge improvement, and long overdue.

It still, however, falls short of what you can get at Treasure Trooper and Cash Crate. Both give you two levels of earnings, and Cash Crate gives you 20% of what your first level earns (plus a $3 bonus when they get their first $10 payout).

So this is good news for those of you with lots of referrals at Inbox Dollars (or people like me, who have a post about Inbox Dollars that still receives a lot of Google traffic). But if you’re picking a GPT program to promote, stick with Treasure Troopers or Cash Crate.

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