IM-Speak Translator

These days, it seems like there are a lot of Internet Marketing related phrases that are being misunderstood by the general public. So in the interest of public education, I thought I’d publish translations for some of the more popular of these phrases.

I’m Giving Away A Free Ebook

For some reason, this one doesn’t hold up so well in translation, but here’s what that phrase means in English. “If you read enough of my copy, I can convince you to buy something from me, so here’s an entire ebook worth of copy”.

Sign Up For Free Internet Marketing Tips

This basically means the same thing as the first phrase, but has slightly different connotations. In the free ebook phrase, the expectation is that the ebook will be on a single topic, and any offers in it will be on topic. Free tips tend to vary widely in the topics and the ways they try to make money from you.

My Coupon Code Server Crashed, So Everyone Gets The Discount

This one basically means, “I’m having trouble getting people to buy, so I’ll raise the price and give you a discount at the same time, making it seem like you’re getting a good deal”.

Only 5 Spots Left!

This one means, “I’m having trouble getting people to buy, so I’ll make it seem like everyone else is getting in and you’ll be left out if you don’t, too”.

Don’t Buy IM Super Product Until You Read This

This loosely translates as, “IM Super Product is selling like hot cakes, please oh please buy through my link!”

Buy IM Super Product And I’ll Give You Last Year’s IM Super Product For Free

Similar to the last one, “IM Super Product is selling like hot cakes, so I’ll give you an outdated product if you’ll buy through my link”.

Anyone have any favorites I’ve missed?

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  1. [quote comment=””]Normally I keep the posts pretty serious, and let the humor out in other ways. But it’s just too easy to poke fun at the techniques most Internet Marketers use![/quote]

    Haha very very true! I admit I am guilty of one or two of those!

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