IM Myth Review

Russell Brunson has a free ebook available called The IM Myth.

The headline on the web page states in big bold letters, “What If Everything You Were Ever Taught About Internet Marketing Was A Myth…?”

While I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, I’ll share that a major theme of the book is that Internet Marketing is a tool, not an opportunity. That’s true enough, although it might not seem that way to people new to the field.

The problem is that there are Internet Marketers (e.g. the Gurus) who market quite well to people new to Internet Marketing. And their marketing makes the field seem like an opportunity, because that’s the best way for them to get sales.

The IM Myth talks about how to use Internet Marketing as a tool, and how to not become too reliant on it. If Pepsi used only one method of advertising their drinks, they’d quickly go out of business.

In particular, Russell talks about ways to use offline tactics in combination with online techniques to boost the results of both.

The first section of The IM Myth talks about the importance of qualifying your buyers. Regular readers here will be familiar with that.

Other sections include:

o) Customer Financed Offline Tactics
o) Offline Automated Follow-Up Systems
o) One-To-Many Lead Generation
o) Offline Lead Generation
o) The Truth About PR And Why It Doesn’t Work Very Well Online
o) Ninja Tactics To Make You Stick Out

I think it’s about time for marketers to come up with a different term than “ninja” for techniques that work well and are a bit sneaky. But that’s what’s described in that last section.

Overall, the ebook is an interesting read, and well worth the time it takes.

Make no mistake, though, The IM Myth is for people who are using Internet Marketing to promote a business. If you’re primarily using Internet Marketing as an opportunity, then you may want to read the ebook and see why Russell thinks you’re doing it all wrong.

Of course, in one of those ironic twists, Russell is using Internet based publicity to launch the ebook. To get subscribers, he’s giving away the ebook and paying you $1 for every person you refer to the ebook.

Click here to get your copy of The IM Myth

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