Hub Pages, Giving Squidoo A Run For Their Money?

I just ran across Hub Pages the other day.

Hub Pages is a Squidoo like site, where you can create web pages about pretty much any topic, and earn a share of the advertising and affiliate revenue generated by the page.

The tools seem comparable, and make creating your page and embedding photos and videos quite easy. What distinguishes Hub Pages from Squidoo is the transparency of the accounting.

At Squidoo, all revenue goes to Squidoo and at the end of the month you learn how much each of your lenses earned. What goes into the calculation is a bit mysterious, but it’s definitely related to your lens’ traffic and page rank, and lots of other things.

At Hub Pages, you enter your Adsense id, your Amazon ID, your Ebay ID, and your Google Analytics tracking ID into your profile area. 60% of the page impressions generated by your page use your IDs. So you get tracking of those impressions through the various affiliate programs, and any income is paid to you directly by those programs. Hub Pages never sees your money.

I’m a big fan of Squidoo, but the transparency in Hub Pages is incredibly attractive. Being able to log into my Adsense account and see how many impressions and clicks I’ve gotten through my pages is very nice. Earnings should also tend to be higher, on average, with the 60/40 split.

Another great feature of Hub Pages is that you can create a link to one of the pages created by someone else, and when you drive traffic to that link you also earn a percentage of the ad impressions generated by that page for a while. So you can get impressions just by driving traffic to other people’s pages! This alone fosters a sense of community assistance. When other people can get paid to drive traffic to your pages, you won’t be the only one promoting them.

I haven’t yet created a hub over at Hub Pages, but will do so soon. I’ll add Hub Pages to my monthly income reports, along with Squidoo and Yuwie.

Click here for the Hub Pages tour.

7 Replies to “Hub Pages, Giving Squidoo A Run For Their Money?”

  1. I’d like to see someone create a hubpage and squidoo page with similar content and keyword density and see how they fare ppc wise. If you took some keywords with high ppc scores, you’d think hubpages would do better. So, I guess it needs to be tested. Any plans of doing something like this, Jay? I will get around to it sometime myself. After a few projects…

  2. Hi Harmony, yes, I plan on doing that with one of my Squidoo lenses that gets decent Google traffic. Just no time lately to actually get it done! I’m interested in seeing the results, though.

  3. [quote comment=””]Hi Harmony, yes, I plan on doing that with one of my Squidoo lenses that gets decent Google traffic. Just no time lately to actually get it done! I’m interested in seeing the results, though.[/quote]

    Great advice again – I have just applied to the site. I use Squidoo at the moment but am not making much money from it so far. Hopefully I will have more success with Hub Pages.

  4. Hi Steven, thanks for the comment. Anyone using services like this should either do it for the public relations value to promote a brand, or they should use some affiliate links to boost their profits. You’re right, the Adsense income alone isn’t terrific, but you don’t really need it to be. It’s like submitting to an article directory, but getting a little money from it.

  5. [quote comment=””]Hi I want to join Amazon or e-bay but my country is not listed for payment .I am from Bangladesh. can any problem for me to if I join this affiliated prgg.[/quote]

    You can still earn from Adsense and affiliate links, so just avoid using any Amazon products in your hubs, and you’ll be fine.

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