How To Use The Internet Effectively For Network Marketing

Our next guest poster is AnnaLaura, from InterNetwork Marketing Wealth, with some tips on using the Internet for Network Marketing.

You may have already heard the term internetwork marketing but you might not know what it is. Internetwork marketing is the process of building a network marketing organization using the internet. So how do you do this effectively? The internet has so many options and opportunities that it can be easy to get lost or waste a lot of time with activities that are not productive.

1. Make a plan for how you are going to use the internet with your network marketing business. For example, are you going to write articles? How many? Create a blog? What will be the major theme or topic of your blog? Join social networking communities? Which ones?

2. Create a website that offers useful content to its visitors and positions you as either a network marketing expert, or a professional in the field in which you are representing yourself.

3. Develop a plan for how you will brand yourself online. For example, you will probably want to start a newsletter and I highly recommend registering if it is available.

4. Decide who your target market is. Make sure to include the obvious such as other network marketers, and business opportunity seekers but you may also want to include less obvious groups of people such as teachers and librarians.

5. Commit to working on your internetwork marketing plan long term. Realize that you will not make a ton of money and achieve your goals overnight.

6. Have your long-term goals for your business and for your internet activities written down. Make sure they are specific and include timelines. For large projects also write down a list of the specific steps you will need to take to make it happen.

7. Enlist the help of others who have been there and done it. Research what you can online about internetwork marketing and ask for help from anyone who offers it. There is no need to re-invent the wheel or to waste time by failing to focus on what will work the best for you.

Building a network marketing organization via the internet can be fun and very profitable. It also takes time and a lot of work. If you are a technology oriented person then this may be a great option for you. Otherwise, know that it can be done, but you will need to have patience and it may take longer than you had hoped.

AnnaLaura Brown is a professional network marketer who builds her business online. She loves helping others read their goals and dreams. To learn more about her and subscribe to her newsletter visit InterNetwork Marketing Wealth.

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  1. The best way I have found is give it all away. I mean the business, and the reps! Have you seen the GBG home based business system (click name to see)? The business is free and I’ve devised a program the gives every rep that signs up through my site their first 2 reps. This qualifies them for ten levels of pay and also builds a perfect 2X10 forced matrix. And at the tenth level, that adds up to $2500.00 a month.
    I also have a gbg rep support forum for all my team members plus I’m in the process of developing video tutorials for seo marketing.

    Bottom line, the gbg home business has really changed some things in the industry.

  2. Creating a blog and updating it regularly with useful tips and marketing strategies that really work.Marketing the blog on social sites and forums. When you receive a new member in your network marketing team always help them to become successful if they are motivated to do the work required.

  3. James, that’s a technique I’ve used, too. I run into diminishing returns eventually, though, since by my own efforts I can only fill up a matrix so fast. Picking a program that people are willing to be in even before they’re making a profit is an important part of this.

    Tom, definitely! I’m heavily in favor of helping recruits learn what they need to learn to be successful on their own efforts. More sustainable in the long run.

  4. Basic internet marketing is required to do MLM these days. I see it as two fronts: online and offline. To be successful I think a person needs to be agressive in both.

  5. The most important factor for anyhting you choose to do online is that you must track it. That is also the most beneficial thing with internet marketing, you can see everything that happens at your website or blog.

    Who is visiting?

    How long are they staying?

    What blog posts do they like?

    Where do they leave from?

    The list goes on and on…and answers to all these questions are a few clicks away, if YOU know where to click. Free accounts can be setup through google analytics, and there are may other paid options available, but I love analytics, and it does the job for us. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it is worth every hour invested if you are looking to make your living from the internet.

    Good luck!

    Enjoy Your Day!

    Anders Gustavsson
    Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game

  6. We must look and view life like you would a buffet counter, you are not going to eat everything even though it may all look appealing and on the other had just because something looks or “tastes” bad it does not mean it will harm you, infact how many times as a child did you have to take the medicine that tasted horid but actually did you good?

    There are so many things on the net and yes I have tried many of them.

    As a child my family wanted the best for me and I am sure they wanted me to prosper but there mentality was that if I want money I must earn it, so earn it I did.

    From the age of about 5 I would help various family members do paper rounds etc. Then at the age of about 16 moved on to posting things helping family members selling all sorts of “make your home smell clean fresh and be tidy devices”

    I worked and worked and worked through snow or rain or shine we were out there working. All the work kept me busy not playing football like the other kids or relaxing but the thing is I never had any money either and up untill lately I never had much money, not because I did not work but mainly because I did not believe I deserved better. Maybe you feel the same, and maybe you have thousands of pills, potions and products to sell simply because you think working that wayis the only way and may you think you do not deserve to work less and actuall live the life you want more? I still have not made it in life and I still will always search the net with an open mind but all I can say is that because of me speaking and meeting some real people that actually are making some real good money in life they have helped me and shown me that I can believe for better.

    Some other person said the what they thought the most important thing in life was and I would agree you must track it. Personally I think the most important thing in life and on the internet is what we are all looking for, RESULTS AND REAL RESULTS. Not some empty promise but something that will actually let you rest your head on the pillow at the end of the day and give a deep sigh of relief knowing that all the bills are paid and that you have actually done a good honest and productive days work that actually gave you REAL RESULTS.
    Thank you so much for reading my post.

  7. I believe it’s important to be part of a good team willing to support me and provide the tools necessary to succeed. The folks on the FOL team go out of their way to help and their automation tools combined with a “special sauce” has been regularly adding new members to the rolls.

  8. I learnt a Technique that has worked very well for me, it is to offer a funded proposal, make your new team member feel success in the first 2 weeks of joining, show them how to do it and leave them with measurable activity. and thats it

  9. Great tips, I think a big reason why so many wannabe internet marketers fail is because they expect to be rich overnight. This is a massive misconception but if they follow the steps outlined above. it’s definately a step in the right direction.

  10. the first thing you need to know about mlm is

    be the first to know and tell the world. and you must know how to tell the world as well.

    mlm is a good money maker provided you follow the instructions given to you by your upline and with a strong mentallity you can succed

  11. Great article! I have found blog to be the best internet network marketing tool based on the following reasons:
    1) SEO friendly
    2) No in-depth techie knowledge required (try!)
    3) Can be monetized easily
    4) Great networking tool
    5) Freedom to express your opinion
    6) A lot of readily free templates available (plug and play mode)

    Have your social networking sites, like Squidoo, pointing to your blog, and you’d have the best targeted organic traffic to your blog!


  12. Good Article I couldn’t agree more. You need a plan if you want to be a successful Internet marketer. The ‘net is so vast that you can easily get distracted and lose focus of what it is you’re trying to accomplish in your marketing…whether it’s Internet marketing or network marketing.


  13. The internet has huge potential for network marketers, but it also has a huge potential to be overwhelming.

    I’d advise that all network marketers using the internet have a daily action checklist that they get done first each day – both offline and online activities that will generate prospects, make sales and train downline leaders.

    When those essential tasks have been done each day, invest some time learning a new online skill like setting up a blog, podcasting, social networking, etc. Just don’t fall into the trap of learning about all those things instead of doing your daily activity.

  14. Hey there,

    What a great post ya got here. Seriously, this stuff will help people if they apply what you talked about. I also like how you coined the term, Internetwork Marketing.

    Also, in my opinion, knowing and targeting your market and branding yourself as a leader are probably two of the most important thing you can be doing online.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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