How To Outrank Program Pages In Google

I’ve noticed a trend lately with my program reviews, that I outrank the programs themselves in Google search results.

My review of the Big Dog Heavy Hitter’s Co-op Program, and my Stealth Money Maker Review are two good example.

Doing a search on “Big Dog Heavy Hitters” or “Stealth Money Maker” puts my reviews in the #1 spot, with the actual program page further down. And this is generally just a day after I write my review.

In one day, getting the #1 spot in Google for a new program.

I can’t claim to have any secret here, it’s something that anyone can do. Here are the key elements:

Your blog must have some age

In Internet terms, my blog, being about 10 months old, is nearly ancient! Most blogs die off much earlier than that. So Google sees my blog as more of an authority, because of the age.

Your blog must be SEO optimized

The meta keyword and meta description tags should be used, and contain the post title. The post title should be in an H1 heading. Have good keyword density, etc.

Many WordPress themes aren’t SEO optimized by default, in particular many do not put post titles in an H1 heading.

You should review programs that are newer than your blog

The difference in ages between the two sites is enough to give your site more authority in Google’s eyes, even though their site has the keywords in their domain name.

Post daily

Google loves frequently updated sites, so daily posting helps your posts to get indexed very quickly.

Use sitemaps

Use a plugin that creates sitemaps automatically and lets Google and Yahoo know about them. This helps Google determine the most recent content.

Follow all of the above, and you should be able to outrank the program pages themselves. For most programs, that isn’t a big deal, but if you hit one that becomes extremely popular all of a sudden your review is now seen as an authority and you’ll get a good share of the organic traffic from searches.

2 Replies to “How To Outrank Program Pages In Google”

  1. This is very good advice Jay. I let my blogs sit for a while and when the Google Page rank updated my blog plummeted which was very bad for me. I even loss a lot of my traffic and subscribers because of this. Lesson learned the hard way. I am now trying to get back into posting more frequently so that i can help my page rank and hopefully make more money through blogging and the other things that i have been doing on my blogs.

  2. Hi Rosa, yes, letting sites go stale is a bad idea. In these days of some RSS readers automatically pruning feeds that haven’t had an update in a while, the subscribers may not even know that you’re not in their reader any more.

    Luckily, it’s easy to recover from by getting back into updating the sites. The sites still have their age, and Google will like that they’re being updated again.

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