How To Know What Your Readers Want

I’ve been running a fun little plugin lately called Psychic Search.

Psychic Search is a free plugin that records searches using your WordPress search widget. There’s a wealth of information in those searches about what your readers want. For example, I know that a topic some of my readers want to know about is how to import sql. I can only imagine that they’re trying to figure out how to restore a backup of a blog, perhaps. I have a variety of technical tutorials, but haven’t done one on importing sql yet.

I also know that Ann Seig’s Renegade Network Marketer book is still pretty hot, judging from the number of searches done on it. I’m also getting some insight into how people like to search for things. For example, a common search for Ann’s book is “Renegade Marketer”, even though that’s not the title. So it pays to have a bit of variety in your posts so that you can hit all the common ways someone will search for topics.

Psychic Search gives you two separate listings of searches. The first listing are those searches that returned no results. These are topics you may want to create a post on, if enough people are searching for that information on your blog. The second listing is all the searches, where you can see how many results were returned. This gives you an idea of what information is most in demand on your blog.

Click here for the Psychic Search page.

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