How Many Posts Per Day Is Too Many?

Look for advice for beginning bloggers on the Internet, and you’ll find lots. Some of it will be about posting regularly, preferrably daily. But if you can’t make daily, pick a frequency and stick with it.

I find myself having trouble limiting myself to daily posting. In fact, I’m usually not successful, having a couple of posts each day, sometimes more. I have so many ideas for post topics that it’s tough to not simply write them all and post them. I could use WordPress’ timestamp feature to write them all and post them daily over the next month, but I enjoy writing something each day. A month without doing so might get me out of the habit.

I’d like to get some feedback from the readers. Is it distracting to have multiple posts in a day? Has the number of posts been too much, or just right?

If you’re reading this through a feed, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to come to the website and leave a comment. I try to ensure that the feed contains no more than two posts a day. Does that work for you or would you rather just have a single post each day?

Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. Jay –

    My opinion is that if you have multiple post for a day that is great, but I would post date your post so that you consistently have at least one post a day.

    Be Well,

  2. Sounds like two posts a day is okay, so I’ll try to limit myself to that. I’ll have to start using the timestamp feature to put posts in the pipeline, and take the weekends off.

  3. Actually more than 2 post a day is fine. What is have read and seen though is that it frequency is more important than volume. If you have 4-5 post for a day then great, but I would first make sure that you are posting at least 1 everyday first. That bubble of post that comes at you in your reader when you do not expect it can be brutal.

  4. [quote comment=”114″]
    1 had linked yours,hope you can link back.

    Hi Armier, thanks for the link! I don’t do a blog roll here, but if you want to write up a short review for the contest, I’ll do a mini-review of your site in return that’ll include a link.

  5. I like getting multiple post from you. I do think that the max should be around no more than five a day. This still might be to much for some people but I like reading your work. I do however, like receiving feeds that are summarized rather than a full post. The reason for this is because, it gives me the option to read further if I like it instead of having to scroll way down to get to the next post that was written. This is just my opinion though.

  6. As long as there is something to say, and it is well-written, then I don’t mind a heavy posting frequency.

    I haven’t seen you posting for its own sake. You have what to say and you say it well. As long as the signal-to-noise ration remains high, I think the posting frequency is irrelevant.

    I read from the RSS reader, and unsubscribe from most sites with partial feeds. It’s annoying to have to visit the site, just to read the post.

    I visit the site to comment, but try to read everything in the feed reader.

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