Handling Duplicate Content in Your Blog

I had a fairly detailed post on how to handle the duplicate content issue in your blog, and then realized that I hadn’t plugged the Bloggeries Forum lately.

Bloggeries is a very nice blog directory, and the forum is a great place for new bloggers to get advice. Rob, the admin, does reviews of blogs that get posted on his forum, and the forum itself draws a good amount of search engine traffic.

When you register, be sure to specify your blog’s feed in the control panel, so that every post you make will also contain a link to your latest blog post.

So I wrote that detailed post about duplicate content, and put it on the forum as Duplicate Content 101.

Go there to read the full post, and while you’re there stick around and visit!

5 Replies to “Handling Duplicate Content in Your Blog”

  1. never mind. I found it. It is pretty cool. I just typed in J and below it, it had the rest of your screen name spelled out for me. Clicked on it and like magic, I got to add your screen name. For those who don’t know , it is Jshaffstall.

  2. I’m not sure why it asks for a referrer, but that’s the right one to give. And just in case anyone’s reluctant to signup for the forum, that isn’t needed to read the post, just if you want to post anything of your own.

  3. You know me, I have to sign up for everything that interest me. I liked it there. I haven’t written anything myself but it did interest me a lot. I seen your post over there. It was well written.

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