Get Paid to Surf the Web

About ten years ago there were quite a few companies that offered deals where you could get paid to surf the web.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought at the time, and ignored the offers.

Fast forward to today: I now understand that advertising space is at a premium on the Internet. Advertisers regularly pay to display advertisements to people willing to look at them. Generally this money goes to the owners of the web sites you visit. The paid to surf companies turn this around, and give part of the money back to you. After all, you’re providing the eyes the advertisers are paying for, so you should get some of the money back.

The latest incarnation of the paid to surf company is AGLOCO. They combine network marketing with paid to surf, and as such have gotten a lot of criticism from people who distrust network marketing (otherwise known as MLM).

The basic fallacy with most MLM programs is that the people at the bottom must spend money to support the people who recruited them. Eventually this breaks down. You can read more about this at my Squidoo page, How Does MLM Work?.

AGLOCO avoids this problem by making it free to join. You do not pay any money into the system, the advertisers do. In return, you offer space on your computer screen for them to display advertisements, and you get a piece of the money they pay to do so. The network marketing aspect of it is that if you recruit more people into AGLOCO, you get a slightly larger percentage of the profits.

As of this writing, AGLOCO is still in the pre-launch stage. This means that they are recruiting people, but do not have the software (the viewbar) ready to allow you to get paid to surf. This doesn’t mean you should wait to join, though. I see this as a no-brainer. You join now and recruit a few others to join, and when the viewbar is released you’ll start getting paid to do what you already do.

To join AGLOCO, click the banner below.

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  1. I was into slashmysearch or whatever it was called, not sure if i got that name right, and then I gave up on it. I got into Agloco but It doesn’t really seem that promising and I hated it when I would type in something into the search engine and it would always pull it up into another window. I would end up with ten pages up before I new it. Let me know if this pans out.

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