Get Paid For Video Ads On Your Site

Pay Per Play is a service that will pay you to play video ads on your site.

The basic idea is similar to Adsense. Their code picks an appropriate video ad to play based on the content of the page, so the ad is targeted, and therefore interesting to your visitors.

But rather than getting paid for a click, you get paid when the video runs to its conclusion. The video ads are all 5 seconds, so you should have a fairly high conversion rate. You won’t get paid for 100% of your visitors, certainly, since some of them will leave before the 5 seconds is up, but it should be a better percentage than Adsense.

You earn 25% of what the advertiser spends, however much that is, to display their ads on your page. You also earn 5% of what your referrals earn, and 5% of what their referrals earn.

The service is in pre-launch right now, so it’s hard to say what the actual cost-per-play will be. They’ll do it auction style, though, so expect the CPP to be low at first and then to rise as advertisers see which websites are converting best for them and their competitors.

The service sounds pretty interesting. 5 seconds is a fairly long time in Internet terms, but videos have a way of getting people to watch them. Maybe ad blindness will extend to cover this eventually, but at least at first there should be some good money to make.

Click here to sign up for free, and for more information.

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  1. Hi, It seems a pretty smart way of advertising online.But it also seems uncertain on the amount that we can know exactly how much the advertiser spend for advertising.Anyway if we can actually earn some extra income from them it seems fit to me.
    I’ll have a second thought of it and if I am to sign up I’ll do it under you for your information.

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