Get on the First Page of Google, Guaranteed!

I saw that headline, or something similar, while exploring the web today.

The advertisement was for a company that guaranteed you’d be on the first page of Google within 48 hours, for only $5 for 7 days. There were testimonials from customers exclaiming about the service. One gentleman was mystified as to how it had been done.

Of course, anyone who has been looking into Internet Marketing for any length of time would read that sales page and understand exactly what the company was offering.

They would create a Google Adwords campaign, and pump up the cost per click of the ad until the ad was on the first page of listings. A nice little bit of fine print stated that the $5 cost did not include Google click costs.

While the company would do exactly what it advertised, the hidden costs could be enormous. Competitive keywords could require cost per clicks of up to $5 or more to get on the first page. The conversion ratio of your website, and the amount of profit you would make from each sale, might not pay for the advertising costs.

I’m a bit saddened to see this sort of thing, and to know that people who don’t know better probably buy into it.

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